K-Nibal is a Senegalese rap band from Dakar founded in June 1998. In the beginning there were 5 members including the two rappers Cheikhna Diarra (Voras) and Adama Sy (600 one D a.k.a. Ada). They chose to evolve in the underground, far from the bling bling and the superficiality of the Senegalese Hip-Hop Business, and to talk about their lives.

In 2010, their manager Abdoulaye Ka has contacted me to provide an assistance for the online band communication. First, I mainly helped to build an Internet presence via the music networks such as Bandcamp, Reverbnation or Soundcloud. Later, I was able to build a specific website for the band and make a clear distinction from the other band named ‘knibal’ or ‘k-nibal’.

This strategy has workd as the K-Nibal band is now the first one to be displayed when searching for ‘k-nibal’ term.

The band was nominated was nominated within the 3 best rap albums of the Senegal in 2010 for their album « Le Sénégal Ki Bagne », a social and offensive project about the government.

In december 2015, Ada came back with a solo effor untitled “Adamaksy“, which was critically acclaimed for the quality of the text and the rap skills of the MC.

Work done :

  • Website creation (WordPress)
  • Account creation and management of music networks : Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation
  • YouTube channel


In the beginning of the year, the K-Nibal website was repeatedly attacked which led to a temporary suppression of the website.
I was able to find a technical solution and protect the website of future attacks as reported in this article on XML RPC infection.