myEternity : your After Life mobile application


You just passed away and everybody misses you ? Don’t worry we have all that you need to remain connected with your community and devices. Indeed Aura developed many options that will make you travel to the other side with a peaceful feeling.


Here are the 5 available modes :

Memorial :

Create for free an application that could help your entourage to remember you. Add your favourite pictures and add some information about your tastes or your best memories. Your friends and your community could add some testimonies and show their love in your golden book section. The application will be only published once your death certificate will be provided to our services.

Ghost :

The Ghost mode enables you to send 5 messages to 5 registered mobiles every month. The message sent are pre-formatted and could be adapted depending on the news or the weather, to be different every time. It could be messages to your lover, your family, for a birthday.

Angel :

The Angel mode permits you to keep on updating your social networks automatically. How is it possible ? Our algorithm Charon will analyze all your posts and private messages from your social networks to define your favourite topics, the way you express yourself, your habits and your frequentation on each define networks. Your show will go on !

Archangel :

The Archangel mode adds the possibility to interact directly with your favourite items. It integrates the Internet of Things in your communication : play with the light, display your favourite music in the evening to remember you to your fellows. You can interact with 5 different objects. You could make nice jokes to our family and make everyday a new surprise.

Infinite  :

The Infinite mode is your passeport to Eternity. We developed the Metatron Technology© that can litteraly extract your ‘soul’ which combines all your memory, knowledges, feelings and way of thinking. Indeed it is like extracting your brain and translating it in algorythms and data. All your data will be archived in Necropolis, our data center built in North Pole, with a back-up transferred in our satellites. You could interact directly on all your social network, all your items, upgrade your knowledge and send messages whenever you want. Your family, friends and your company will receive an hologram of your person so you could keep on interacting with them. We work currently on many technologies which would permit you to integrate new bodies soon!

Memorial Ghost Angel Archangel Infinite
logo-memorial logo-ghost logo-angel logo-archangel logo-eternity
Picture x x x x x
Messages x x x x
Social network x x x
Internet of Things x x
Hologram x
Soul transfer x
Prices free 5$ / month 15$ / month 30$ / month

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