WordPress website displays localhost URL

This is a typical request regarding WordPress. You have finished your local WordPress website and you finally decide to put it online. You imported the database in your host server and you uploaded the files via ftp. The index.html page from WordPress is removed and you have corrected the .htaccess file to have the path to your website and the wp-config.php file with the right database information. The migration should be OK.

But something is wrong! Every links lead to your local website.

In this case follow these steps :

Make a backup of your database and of your WordPress files.
Go back to your local platform and check the Settings.


You can see that your “WordPress Address” (URL) is still in localhost.

It’s the same for your “Site Address”. You have to change the two URLs with your website URLs.


Then if you have already uploaded your data one time (for sure it is otherwise you would not read it), well you have to repeat the procedure again.

So clean your database in your host server and your WordPress content.
Download your local database and upload it again in your host database.
Upload again your WordPress files and your website will now be displayed with the right URL.

Character issues

It might happen that UTF-8 characters are correctly displayed on your local website and that wrong characters are displayed when you go to live.
By example this occurs if you install WordPress in English and you decide to create article or to use words in other languages such as French or German.
In this case you can go to you wp-config files and search for your DB_CHARSET.


define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8mb4');


define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

It should make the correction for this specific case.

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